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It has just struck 12, and is now officially black friday in the eastern time zone. The saddest day of the year, as idiots fall for misleading advertising. Limited quantity sale items being used to push the regular, supposedly sale, or even inflated price merchandise. And they will kill each other to get it. A few years ago, on this very night, I ended up out with a few hundred dollars, so I figured I’d check out the hype and attempt to get the Wii I had been wanting. Within five minutes of arriving at the mall, I watched an adult woman of about 30 elbow a child who couldn’t have been older than 10 in the face, and take the box he had in his hand. Surrounding the GameStop was madness. Swarms of people reaching and rushing to get one of 20 tickets, each representing 1 Wii. Managed to get the last one, woohoo. I genuinely thought that while walking back to the car I was going to have to hurt someone attempting to steal my purchase. Not going out on black friday again. Unless maybe I get a crack at a really good deal.



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