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Oft dismissed as an illegitimate bastardized form of music, rendered cheap and plastic like a great deal of today’s culture, electronica, better known as techno, seems to have almost as bad a rap as rap. Simple riffs, electric synthesizers, nearly mindless lyrics, and a throbbing bass drum that permeates every single song in nearly all of the hundreds of genres. And….I think it’s not intended to be intelligent, and witty. The everpounding kick drum, the catchy flowing riffs, and the clear lyrics suddenly seem to me as though they’re intended to be felt, not truly payed attention to, to generate an ambiance, and a feeling, to flow through the listener and influence them on an emotional level typically only touched on by some tribal people stomping around a fire. It’s an induced euphoric trance…close your eyes, be happy, and dance. Cheap and plastic can be fun, think back to the small joys of those Happy Meals as a kid…I don’t think the point is to truly think about it. And for those who do think it’s mindless, there’s a lot of formula behind it, and more music theory than you’d guess, the melodies built of carefully arpeggiated chords, the instruments chosen for harmonic richness…



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