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So I’m watching the television and on comes Gormiti. Have you seen this? It’s a show about some children traveling to another dimension called Gorm where they are the Lords of Nature. It’s…animation is somewhat poor, it’s writing…not the greatest, it’s timeslot…seems to be before it’s target audience even thinks about getting up…And, this strikes me as a little odd for a show that seems to be entirely about trying to promote the Gormiti line of action figures. Anybody remember when this model of marketing actually worked? Back in the day we had Transformers and G.I. Joe, with a bit better quality and honestly, better toys too. This was back in the day of stuff like die cast, not cheap plastic and mold marks. It’s a shame, now all I see is Gormiti and Bakugan, neither ever seen by children really, and I’m not aware of too many who own the toys other than a good friend of mine’s niece and nephew…It all seems so cheap to me.




  1. hey do you know where to watch it online? I’m been serching.

  2. srry if you don’t know what I mean by “it” I ment Gormiti The Lords Of Nature Return and to me it’s intresting.

  3. Sorry, I’ve no real idea. You might do well to search if you’re interested.


    • k

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